O&O Forwarding obtained the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification, which regulates the safety requirements for the transport of drugs and medical products for human use. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) describes the standards that wholesale distributors must meet to ensure that the quality and integrity of medicines are maintained throughout the supply chain.

Compliance with the required requirements guarantees that:

  • medicines in the supply chain are authorized in accordance with European Union (EU) legislation;
  • medicines are always stored in the right conditions, even during transport;
  • contamination from other products is avoided;
  • there is an adequate turnover of stored pharma products;
  • the products reach the recipient in a satisfactory time frame.
  • Distributors should also put a traceability system in place, in order to find any faulty products and have an effective recall procedure.

The certification was obtained after a three month test phase to evaluate the validity of the supplier network, the security requirements and the management software used by us. Certification will be re-evaluated in 2024 as established practice.

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